Fresh From The Boat

 It is common practice in the seafood industry to list fish as “local” to the city where they are landed. In fact, many of these fish were harvested in foreign waters with inadequate laws and protection for fish species. This is not an honest or sustainable practice, and not something we endorse. All products we carry are truly harvested in the waters of the geographic areas listed.

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A True Choice

What you buy and when you buy makes an enormous difference to our oceans. The sources below not only come from healthy fisheries, but they are also caught with the strictest standards of catch methods. These methods we have chosen do not deplete the resource, take unwanted by-catch or harm habitats. As the seasons change so should our buying habits; intelligent

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TwoXSea in SF Magazine

The Bay Area’s smartest diners, chefs, and purveyors now know (and care) where every cut of grass-fed beef and stalk of pesticide-free produce comes from. Yet nearly all look the other way when fish is on the plate. What will it take to stop the eco-fibbing?

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Meet the Team

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Bean Counter: Nina Bonfiglio, 415-497-0715
Owners: Kenny Belov, 415-307-7649  & William Foss, 415-465-9100
Kenny Belov, Sausalito, CA - Innokenty Belov was born in Moscow, Russia in 1976. His family moved to the United States when he was five years old, and at 17 he was introduced to the world of ocean fishing in Florida. After moving to San Francisco in 1996, he left a career in professional photography to develop a new concept in environmentalism—a socially responsible restaurant with a soul focus on sustainability.

Kenny brought his tremendous passion and generosity to the food and beverage offerings of SalmonAID. He insisted that each restaurant providing food at SalmonAID take a pledge that they would never serve farmed salmon again – from this Fish or Cut Bait was born. Kenny now travels around the country educating restaurateurs and their patrons about the benefits of wild salmon and the economic and environmental damage brought about by salmon farming.  In 2004, “Fish.” in Sausalito, California opened its doors. Kenny’s commitment to local fishermen and true sustainability has created a unique entity combining waterfront dining with an ongoing commitment to consumer education about the state of the ocean and the truth behind sustainability.

Kenny and his Wife Eden live in Petaluma, California, with their dog, cat, three chickens, and two children—Isabella and Oliver—whom he has convinced, will still have healthy oceans and fish to eat when they grow up.

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