Meet the Team

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Kenny Belov — Owner

Innokenty Belov was born in Moscow, Russia in 1976. His family moved to the United States when he was five years old, and at 17 he was introduced to the world of ocean fishing in Florida. After moving to San Francisco in 1996, he left a career in professional photography to develop a new concept in environmentalism—a socially responsible restaurant with a soul focus on sustainability.

Matt Carreira — Sales

Matt joined the TwoXSea family in April of 2013. Fueled by a desire to create positive change and empower talented chefs with truly traceable seafood, Matt works tirelessly to increase awareness around marine ecosystem concerns and ocean sustainability solutions. Every amazingly fresh piece of seafood from TwoXSea is delivered with all of the important traceability information (species, fishing vessel, catch method, catch location), and Matt loves helping chefs showcase their virtuous sourcing standards and educate diners bite by delicious bite. “Waking up long before the sun rises, I am excited for work everyday because I believe in the absolute importance of the TwoXSea mission. TwoXSea is the shining light, bringing honestly, accountability, and lasting change to a purposefully murky industry. It is truly a pleasure connecting unimaginably talented chefs, with ultra-fresh seafood that is caught by hardworking fisherman who are 100% committed to preserving our invaluable ocean resources for generations to come.”

Rachelle Foronda — Sales

Rachelle, a San Francisco native hailing from the Outer Richmond, brings an obsession and admiration for food and cooking, a dedication to sustainability, and a resolute devotion to ocean conservation to TwoXSea.  After completing a degree in Environmental Studies and Sustainable Resource Management, Rachelle worked with Coral Cay Conservation in S.Leyte, Philippines diving and collecting reef and fish data which was used to make proper management decisions of the Napantao marine protected area.

This experience set her on a trajectory to advocate for our global ocean ecosystem.
“The world is so big, and the issues in policy and management are purposefully convoluted and so complex, that we as consumers do not see, or choose not to see, how our insatiable appetite for seafood wreaks irreparable havoc upon the ecology of our open oceans and in small communities far away.”

Sailing with the mission of TwoXSea, Rachelle will whole-heartedly continue to challenge the current irresponsible perspective on ocean resources, perpetuating the momentum necessary to shift gears towards transparent, sustainable seafood and aquaculture. Rachelle hopes to see TwoXSea’s honest business model and steadfast defense of sustainable seafood’s triple bottom line become the norm, starting here at home, one plate at a time.

Lacie Eastlick — Sales

Lacie brings with her a plethora of knowledge on fisheries conservation, having worked with numerous state Fish and Wildlife agencies and non-profits from Alaska, Washington, Oregon, and Puerto Rico. She obtained her Bachelor of Science degree in Natural Resources with a specialty in Fisheries and Wildlife Conservation from Oregon State University and is an active member of the American Fisheries Society. Growing up in Coos Bay, Oregon she spent her childhood exploring coastal rainforests and intertidal zones, gaining inspiration, passion, and a sense of wonder for aquatic and marine ecosystems. Her experiences have led her to the understanding that true conservation of ecosystems best exists at a community level.

“Creating personal relationships with our fishermen and clients and having honest conversations about the future of fisheries empowers us to make responsible choices and decisions. These responsible choices are then displayed beautifully by our chefs giving consumers a great sense of gratification with each bite. For me, TwoXSea isn’t just a seafood wholesaler, it’s a community-based system that demands transparency and honesty which creates sustainable fisheries in real-time.”

When Lacie isn’t working with our chefs or visiting our McFarland Springs Trout Farm, you can find her outdoors with her husband and dog kayaking, hiking, diving, and learning all she can about the natural wonders of the world.

Rocky Burns — Fish Purchaser

As a second generation fisherman from both sides of his family, Rocky Burns has had a life-long connection with the ocean and the fishing community. At the age of 23 he took the helm of his family’s fishing vessel to become one of the youngest crab boat captains on the West Coast. In 2012 his passion for sustainable food systems and commitment to the longevity of the fishing industry led him off the boat and into the TwoXSea family. Rocky now works with honest fishermen up and down the West Coast to procure the highest quality, sustainably caught, seafood. He believes in a “quality over quantity” approach to harvesting, as emulated by each fisherman he works with, and brings that passion to the table of every TwoXSea customer. When not on the road, Rocky can be found surfing or spending time with his beautiful daughter Kadence.

Ben Tolford — Warehouse Manager

After 10 years working in various public schools and homeless shelters in Boston, Mass and Columbus, Ohio, Ben moved to the Bay Area with hopes of continuing to improve our planet. While still passionate about social justice, his curiosity in environmental justice turned into his true passion once introduced to TwoXSea. Providing the freshest seafood possible and keeping our oceans safe are what drives Ben daily. Ben lives in East Oakland and volunteer teaches at Elmhurst Community Prep, which he insists is the best middle school in the Bay Area.

Nina Anchordoqui — The Bean Counter

Nina began working for Kenny and Bill at Fish restaurant in 2007. She quickly developed a deep appreciation of their hard work in preserving our oceans and the recognition and relationships they had with the Fisherman who did the same. It was an easy transition when TwoXSea was born in 2009 and Nina started working for both companies taking the title of The Bean Counter. Nina’s many years in the food industry and customer service has helped her build a position in the company that goes beyond your average bookkeeper. When Nina is not counting beans you can find her spending her time with friends, family and her husband Jose, enjoying all that the beautiful Bay Area has to offer.

Lauren Avis Vannatter — Portland, OR

Living and cooking professionally in San Francisco since 2000 exposed Lauren to the unequaled bounty that San Francisco has to offer. High standards and a desire for honesty lead her to purchase seafood from TwoXSea, and after years of butchering and cooking beautiful McFarland Springs Trout, Lauren’s passions shifted to learn more about the sustainable seafood industry. In 2014 she was driven to put her talents and experience to work for TwoXSea. In Fall of 2015 Lauren moved to Portland, OR to continue her dedication to TwoXSea and to offer awesome seafood to the people of Portland. After a long day Lauren enjoys drinking rosé in the sunshine, or the rain, or the fog…. Her goals are to always learn and be challenged, continue to work with people she respects, and forever love what she does.

TwoXSea in the Press

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Fresh From The Boat

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 It is common practice in the seafood industry to list fish as “local” to the city where they are landed. In fact, many of these fish were harvested in foreign waters with inadequate laws and protection for fish species. This is not an honest or sustainable practice, and not something we endorse. All products we carry are truly harvested in the waters of the geographic areas listed.

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A True Choice

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What you buy and when you buy makes an enormous difference to our oceans. The sources below not only come from healthy fisheries, but they are also caught with the strictest standards of catch methods. These methods we have chosen do not deplete the resource, take unwanted by-catch or harm habitats. As the seasons change so should our buying habits; intelligent Continue Reading

Fish Or Cut Bait

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FOCB is an initiative that was created to answer the question, “What can I do?” in the face of a flood of contradicting claims and evidence regarding the origin of Sustainable Seafood and the facts behind these claims. It’s hard to know who to believe, and why they may have made the claim. Mis-information propagates rapidly, leaving us paralyzed or making the wrong decision with best of intentions.

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