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With California King Salmon Still in Peril, Trout is Worth Considering

The California king salmon seasons have been grim for the past few years, but you know things are serious when Obama is asked to step in. In April, Bay Area chefs and food industry leaders urged the president to consider the plight of California’s wild king salmon by helping restore the Sacramento-San Joaquin basin and the runs where the salmon spawn.

In the meantime, what’s a salmon lover to do?


Fish Or Cut Bait

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FOCB is an initiative that was created to answer the question, “What can I do?” in the face of a flood of contradicting claims and evidence regarding the origin of Sustainable Seafood and the facts behind these claims. It’s hard to know who to believe, and why they may have made the claim. Mis-information propagates rapidly, leaving us paralyzed or making the wrong decision with best of intentions.

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